The safety of our personnel, partners, and other users of the river is a priority in all our operations. As producers of hydropower, we have a responsibility to look after the well-being of the local environment.

Planning and monitoring hydropower production as well as ensuring dam safety are the cornerstones of responsible hydropower production. The basis for our safety work is that every accident is preventable. Managing safety work is included in our corporate responsibility and its principles.

Work safety: Aiming for zero accidents

Work safety is always the main priority in our operations. We want to be a forerunner in safety matters related to hydropower. We believe that every accident is preventable and aim for an accident-free workplace. Work safety is an important part of our corporate responsibility programme.

All our partners and their subcontractors adhere to our safety instructions and rules. They must always perform a risk analysis for every job and draft a safety plan according to the requirements set out in the buyer’s safety documents.

Safety rules for power plant employees

Safety rules of Kemijoki Oy (ENG)

Safety instructions for visitors

Safety instructions for visitors (FI, ENG)

Dam safety

Measured in kilometres, we own the highest number of dams in Finland, totalling around 85 kilometres. We systematically invest in maintaining our dams and their safety. According to the dam safety authorities, our dams are in good condition and they are managed with extensive care and precision.

As the owner, we are responsible for the safety of the dams. Our partner Mitta Oy performs practical dam safety work. The Kainuu Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) is responsible for supervising compliance with the Dam Safety Act and regulations. The condition of the dams is monitored according to the monitoring programmes approved by the dam authorities.