Corporate responsibility

Our corporate responsibility is guided by our vision of being a forerunner in sustainable and flexible hydropower. Our operations are based on utilising hydropower in a way that is sustainable for nature, people and the economy. 

Our corporate responsibility work is founded on identifying our impacts. We review both our operations’ impacts and the relevance of sustainability matters to our business operations. We have put together ‘a corporate responsibility drop’ showcasing the material corporate responsibility matters and their connecting themes.



Themes and topics of our corporate responsibility programme

The three themes of the corporate responsibility programme 2024–2028 reflect the topics that are the most material to our business operations and stakeholders.

  • Flexible and renewable hydropower

    • Balancing fluctuations in electricity production and prices
    • Climate change mitigation
    • Increasing hydropower capacity
    • Responsible procurement and purchasing practices
  • Vibrant local nature and communities

    • Protecting biodiversity
    • Migration connection to Ounasjoki for migratory fish
    • Recreational activities, use of rivers and environmental activities
    • Local collaboration and support for projects
    • Economic added value for the area
  • Flourishing and talented team

    • Personnel well-being
    • Pioneering hydropower expertise
    • Corporate responsibility actions with partners
    • Utilising the latest technology and solutions

Safety, security of supply and delivery, cost efficiency and ethical principles for business form the foundation of our corporate responsibility.

Management and commitments

Our corporate responsibility programme covers the focus areas, targets and key measures of our work. Kemijoki Oy supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is committed to the principles of the Global Compact.

For each of the three key themes of our corporate responsibility programme, we have set long-term primary targets and KPIs that guide our operations. In addition, the programme includes numerous other targets and actions. Our management, experts and partners have all committed to implementing the programme together.

Primary targets and KPIs of Kemijoki Oy’s corporate responsibility programme 2024–2028

Flexible and renewable hydropower

Total availability of our power plants at an excellent level

Annual %-based target


Flexible hydropower allows for increasing other renewable forms of energy production and electrification of society in a climate-friendly way

The flexibility of Kemijoki Oy’s hydropower production in relation to consumption, on a scale from -100 % to +100 %

Vibrant local nature and communities

Acceptability for hydropower develops favourably in Kemijoki Oy’s operating areas (Finland)

Stance towards hydropower, on a scale from 1 to 5


We promote biodiversity in a goal-oriented manner

1) Taivalkoski fishway in use by 2028
2) Preliminary planning of the migration solutions at other power plants south of Rovaniemi

Mapping the natural values of the 35 most significant sites as well as reparation and implementation of action plans

Flourishing and talented team

Occupational safety is always the first priority

Zero accidents for Kemijoki Oy personnel or for others working on our projects


We deepen partnerships and develop hydropower expertise

The corporate responsibility index of the partner network

Principles, requirements and commitments

The key principles of our corporate responsibility are:

We engage in dialogue with our stakeholders, also concerning challenging issues.

We focus on the corporate responsibility matters that are material to our stakeholders and business operations.

Openness and transparency
We communicate about our operations comprehensively and transparently.

Kemijoki Oy’s operations are founded on compliance with statutory requirements. Permits and obligations guide our operations in relation to matters concerning dam safety, use of waterways and fish, among others.

Ethical principles define the general operating principles according to which we treat each other and conduct our business operations. Our corporate responsibility work is guided by the guidelines on corporate responsibility provided in the Finnish Government Resolution.

We operate in accordance with international and national climate targets. We promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a company, we support six of the UN’s SDGs in particular. We are also committed to the principles of the UN’s Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative.



Key Flag Symbol

Finnish operator

Being a Finnish operator is an important aspect of our sustainability. The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Key Flag Symbol for the energy produced by Kemijoki Oy and the company’s expertise related to hydropower production.

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