Kemijoki Oy

We are a trailblazer in sustainable and flexible hydropower.

Hydropower is the most important form of renewable electricity production in Finland. Kemijoki Oy is the most significant producer of hydropower and regulating power in Finland. As a company, our purpose is to enable the energy transition and everyday life in Finland with hydropower.

The total capacity of Kemijoki Oy’s power plants is over 1,100 megawatts (MW). We produce a third of Finland’s hydropower. We also provide flexibility that is vital to the Finnish electricity system and improve security of supply. Hydropower is the best form of regulating power.

  • We increase production when demand is high or if there is a malfunction in the electricity system. We decrease production at night or when it is windy and there is an oversupply of electricity.
  • Spikes in electricity consumption and production are mainly balanced through hydropower, which has a unique ability to balance the differences in energy consumption and production for entire seasons or just for minutes

20 hydropower plants in three areas

We own 20 hydropower plants, 16 of which are located at the Kemijoki area, two at River Lieksanjoki, and two at River Kymijoki. We are pre-planning a pumped storage power plant at Ailangantunturi in Kemijärvi and are looking into the possibilities of building other pumped storage plants in the Kemijoki area. We regulate the reservoirs in Lokka and Porttipahta as well as Lake Kemijärvi and Lake Olkkajärvi. Our operating area covers

  • three riversides with a total length of over 1,000 kilometres and
  • eight municipalities with close to 200,000 residents.

Utilising hydropower sustainably from the viewpoint of nature, people and economy

Our corporate responsibility is guided by our vision of being a trailblazer in sustainable and flexible hydropower. Our operations are based on utilising hydropower sustainably from the viewpoint of nature, people and economy.

Utilising hydropower causes changes in the environment, landscape and lives of local residents. We engage in a rich dialogue with our stakeholders regarding the effects of our operations. We use their feedback and needs to develop our operations.

Kemijoki Oy’s operations are founded on compliance with statutory requirements. Permits and obligations guide our operations in relation to matters concerning dam safety, the use of waterways and fish, among others.

We work together with the locals and our partners

We do many things at the riverside in addition to energy production: for example, we restore habitats, build boat docks and maintain local fish stocks. Together with e.g. municipalities, fishery regions and educational institutes, we carry out different collaboration projects to make life at the riverside more pleasant.

We operate as an expert and commissioner organisation of hydropower production. Our operating model is based on partnerships: we acquire most of our operations from service providers. Thanks to our agile, partnership-based operating model, we are able to produce hydroelectricity cost-efficiently, adapt to changing conditions and develop future hydropower knowhow.

Information on Kemijoki Oy

  • Annual electricity production 4,622 GWh (2023)
  • Overall availability 95.35% (2023)
  • Number of personnel 42 (2023)
  • State ownership 50.1%
  • Headquarters in Rovaniemi
  • Established in 1954
  • Chairman of Board of Directors Mikael Lemström
  • CEO Tuomas Timonen

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics defines the ways we treat each other and do business. It is a tool for everyday work and helps Kemijoki Oy’s employees assess and consider things in advance.

Compliance with our Code of Ethics is a prerequisite for responsible and sustainable business. It is everyone’s right and duty to understand the ethical principles of the Code and act accordingly. Our shared goal is to prevent situations which could lead to potential misconduct.

We also expect our service agreement partners and others who work with us to comply with the law and regulations, good corporate governance and Kemijoki’s Code of Ethics in all their actions that concern Kemijoki Oy.

Read Kemijoki Oy’s Code of Ethics.

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