Kemijoki Oy enters Agreement with Litostroj Power d.o.o for Major Turbine Overhaul of Valajaskoski HPP unit 1

Kemijoki Oy has entered into an agreement with Litostroj Power d.o.o, a Slovenian manufacturer of turbines for hydroelectric power plants, on the comprehensive overhaul of unit 1 of the Valajaskoski hydroelectric power plant. The overhaul will commence in July 2025 with the shutdown of unit 1 and is expected to take approximately six months. Units 2 and 3 will continue operating normally throughout the project.

The overhaul will include a replacement of unit 1’s turbine, including changing the turbine runner into a more efficient and environmentally friendly oil-free version. In addition, the overhaul encompasses the refurbishment of various other structures within the unit. The project will improve the plant’s production efficiency and ensure the reliable operation of unit 1 for years to come.

“The partnership with Litostroj Power d.o.o is an important step towards more sustainable and efficient hydropower production at the Valajaskoski power plant. We are excited about the opportunity to leverage Litostroj Power d.o.o’s expertise and innovative solutions in the overhaul,” Kemijoki Oy’s Project Manager Heikki Pesonen says.

The Valajaskoski hydroelectric power plant, completed in 1960, generates an average of 365 GWh of energy per year, which corresponds to the average annual electricity consumption of approximately 52,100 four-person households. The plant is located in Rovaniemi.

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Heikki Pesonen
Project Manager
Kemijoki Oy
Phone +358 40 705 2982

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