The safety of our personnel, partners and other users of the river is a priority for us in all of our operations. As producers of hydropower, we are also responsible on our part for the well-being of the local environment.

The planning and supervision of hydropower production, flood protection and ensuring dam safety are the cornerstones of sustainable hydropower production.

When measured in kilometers, Kemijoki Oy has the highest number of dams, 85 kilometers in total. The dams help in establishing, the head of water needed for the power plant’s operation.

As the owner of the dams, Kemijoki Oy is responsible for their safety. Our partner Mitta Oy performs practical dam safety work. The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) are responsible for supervising compliance with the Dam Safety Act and Statutes. The condition of the dams is supervised in accordance with the monitoring programs approved by the dam authorities.

The preparation for floods involves close cooperation with authorities, for example between the ELY Centre and rescue authorities and Kemijoki Oy. Kemijoki Oy has nearly 70-year experience from flood conditions. Floods can be controlled mainly by collecting water into storage reservoirs and by building embankments by the river. Yet, it should be remembered that authorities are responsible for flood protection and rescue operations. Despite improved forecasts and good cooperation, the possibilities for preventing flood damage are very restricted due to insufficient regulation capacity, especially with respect to Lake Kemijärvi and the watercourse area above it.