Organization, personnel and partners

Organization, personnel and partners

Kemijoki’s employees have versatile skills and their know-how is something that cannot be copied from books. Most of our employees provide expert services in Rovaniemi. We have a low organizational structure, we follow the same rules, and we all have clear roles.

Our core operations are divided into entities:

  • Operational preconditions and property management: management of permit conditions, operational environment and obligations as well as long-term development of property and supervision of the interests of another party
  • Availability: operation, maintenance and investments of power plants
  • Hydropower and reserves: planning, control and supervision of production, selling the reserves and matters related to corporate responsibility
  • Public affairs, development of personnel and communications
  • Strategy and development
  • Financial and information management

We operate as an expert and commissioner organization of hydropower production, and are developers of hydropower expertise. We acquire most of our operations needed for the production of domestic and climate friendly electricity from service providers.

Thanks to our agile, partnership-based operating model, we are able to produce hydroelectricity cost-efficiently and adapt to changing conditions. It is not only about outsourcing work and reducing costs. When we choose partners, one of our most important criteria is that our partners are prepared to commit to our corporate responsibility program. Together with our partners we, for example, maintain electricity self-sufficiency and security of supply, strengthen regional employment and are experts of sustainable hydropower.

  • Local use and maintenance of power plants at the Kemijoki and Lieksanjoki watercourse areas: Caverion Industria Oy
  • Local use, maintenance and supervision of power plants at the Kymijoki watercourse area: Stora Enso Publication Papers Oy Ltd
  • Obligation-based, environmental and dam safety work: Mitta Oy
  • Electricity transmission: Caruna
  • Financial and payroll administration: Administer Oy
  • Legal services: Fondia OyDottir Asianajotoimisto Oy and Castrén & Snellman
    Kemijoki Oy is responsible for fulfilling permit conditions and determining environmental and licensing strategies.
  • Communication services: Hill and Knowlton Finland Oy
  • ICT infrastructure management: Enfo Oyj.
    Enfo is responsible for servers, work stations and local support. Kemijoki Oy is responsible for local networks.
  • Services related to financial operations, production planning and control room operations: Fortum Oyj Fortum is Kemijoki Oyj’s shareholder.
  • Fish planting obligations: Voimalohi Oy 
    Responsible for fish planning obligations set to Kemijoki Oy